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With compassion and integrity, Rhyz serves from an intentional space and operates laterally as a leader and team player. He has directed and produced alongside top marketing executives in tech innovation and Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson and AFLAC. Along that scale, he’s been recruited to film high-profile talent such as Daymond John, Fabolous, Cardi B, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tyra Banks, Tracee Ellis Ross, Nick Cannon, and Terry Crews, giving Rhyz his natural sense of high-level creative direction and ambition for remarkable work.

Rhyz films documentaries and informative commercial projects locally and globally, launching marketing campaigns for climate action, tech innovation, and social justice. He is recognized and has been recruited by decorated public figures to be proactively creative and consciously experimental in motion picture and multi-media campaigns.  Rhyz’s mission is to create the best and most engaging, on-brand, video content in the market and to share his knowledge with honor and respect.

The value that Rhyz provides is not only his experience and technical skills but his ability to think big and to take every production to the level.

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